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This is my heart.

Male. 20. Looking for an answer.

What you see is what you get.

I was hoping to go for a jog this morning (nice and early when its quiet) but meh, il just do a tad of exercise in my room me thinks.

I need to think of what to do with my day too.

Sakaki Yuya

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i was hating on the next naruto  game cause of the whole mecha-naruto thing and it all sounded like really bad filler stuff but looking at the trailer and special edition stuff it looks REALLY amazing and im going to pre-order it asap.


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Half an hour early because i forgot to look at the time.

Also drenched as i didnt grab a coat or jacket.

Also threw up this morning so probably shouldnt be in anyway.

Oh and i looked at myself in the shower and felt absolutely repulsed and disgusted!

Need to do something about myself :( i cant live like this.

edit: this posted really late. in the end it was an okay day though i guess.



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Back to chester tomorrow. Gonna ring placement and be panicky all day.

Getting my laptop back tomorrow too, which is great news!

Dying my hair again. With help from mum cause i do really like the colour.

Homes kinda boring too. Dunno what to do. And dont want to seclude myself by playing games or reading books but yeh.