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This is my heart.

Male. 21. Student.

Looking for an answer.

What you see is what you get.

Going for a walk.

Bet nothing will happen though. will be the MOST freaking pointless week ever.

I need friends.

I need people to like… like me.

Now asking Mike if he’s free any other time this week he’s welcome to chill and if he wants get a bag of weed or something il cover the costs blah de blah. said he was busy tonight but im fucking bored.

I’ve hanged with him like twice and he’s dead chill. 

and that was like 8 months ago if not longer so yeh need see people more.

Might just get super drunk on my own, cause fuck it.

Always on my fucking own anyway.

Off all week.

Wanted to chill tonight with people or go metal pig.

Everyone’s either busy with work or got plans.

Amys the only person in the house who i really really get along with. She finished work at 5 but went off somewhere with someone we work with cause she gets on with everyone there better than me. 

Not that i was expecting her to return straight after work anyway she always hangs around for like an hour chatting or doing something spontaneous with someone.

And when she text me saying where she was i was a bit of an ass saying ‘i’m not your mum aha’ 

not sure if i was trying to be funny or im just an ass.

Im just feeling pretty bitter right now cause I still really like her in that way and she’s just not interested and its killing me.

Then again she’s super popular with everyone she meets and im like… can’t even go for a drink with 1 person.


My favourite parts of sekaiichi all in one place

Think I’m starting to like become happy with myself again.

I mean yeh there’s a lot i need and want to do to improve.

But until then who I am now is who i am.

And i’m not that bad a person aha.

I was going to go into town and buy a bin for my room.

but now i just really can’t be bothered. 

not sure what to do tbh.

pretty bored.